Old Backpack = New Bag For Storing Gun Cleaning/Parts...

Discussion in 'Completed Projects & Ideas' started by Vin, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Vin

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    So, the main zipper on my backpack finally broke. It actually flew out of my Jeep (it was on the passenger seat and I took a turn too fast). It skidded across the road and messed the main zipper up pretty bad.

    So what I did was cut out the outer compartment, and sew on a strap of leather. I was going to wrap the handle in paracord, however, I decided to use leather in this case.

    Now I have a nice little kit to carry my gun parts in. (Minus my Voodoo Tactical Range Bag, of course. ;) )


  2. J-Will

    J-Will ermahgerd perrkerd

    Great idea! I did the same with an old backpack I got from my last job. Now holds all of my cleaning supplies for my guns.

  3. MrParacord

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    Nice work making something old into something new and extra useful.