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OK, so it KIND OF has to do with paracord

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I finished something I've been working on for a while... Here's the background:

My father passed away back in September. Among his most cherished possessions was his Marlin .30-30. A few days after the funeral my mother gave it to me and explained my dad wanted me to have it...

Now, my father always loved scout rifles. Because of this, I took to turning that .30-30 into a proper scout rifle (no permanent changes though - all easy to undo).

As of last night, it's finally finished. I'm posting it here because there's paracord all over the thing. Sling, lever wrap, even the lacing for the handmade leather ammo cuff (the item I just finished).

This was my first time working with leather. I had difficulty getting really smooth, even cuts on the suede underlining (hence the uneven bits sticking out around the edges of the cuff). Still, I probably only notice it since I did it and know it's there.

Anyway, let me know what you think:)


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Very nice. I've also done a bit of leather work, but none as nice as what you made!
I lost my Dad 2yrs ago and also was given his Marlin 30-30, by him several years prior to his death, but is one of my most prize possessions. I'm not a fan of scopes on them, but you have done a GREAT job with yours. Looks awesome. I would delete your insecurities about your leather work because it will only be noticed by you. Very nice work!

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Thx:) The more I stare at that ammo cuff and the more I handle the rifle, the less I see the imperfections. It's really growing on me!

That scope has a very long eye relief and a 2.5x power so you shoot without really knowing it's there. It's the only way I could like a scope on that rifle.
Sorry to hear about your loss badbox and JTB. That's some nice looking leather work on that rifle.
Thanks, MrParacord:) Definitely a fun learning experience for me... I hope I am able to hand down that rifle to my own son one day!
Your welcome.
That's really good! I had a 410 ga and added a sling and ammo holder on it. It held 4 shells on the side.
That's really good! I had a 410 ga and added a sling and ammo holder on it. It held 4 shells on the side.
I should do that for my 410 ga.
I like ammo carriers on shotguns. Not just aesthetically... They're just practical on most scatter guns:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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