Newbie here! with a couple of questions

Discussion in 'How To' started by GreenCircle, Oct 21, 2015.

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    Hi All,

    I recently got into this fun hobby and I have made several bracelets via instruction on YouTube and dare I say I am pretty impressed with myself (thanks BoredParacord!!)

    There is one thing I just cannot do right yet and that is measuring how much cord to use per inch or wrist. I had heard 1ft = 1 in. but I feel I end up with a lot of excess. Also, there is this paracord cross I saw on Pintrest that I would like to make.
    (I'm referring to the large army green cross in case there was any question)

    Now before you all say its out there. I have not seen how to make it with that square space in the center.

    Any info would be great, Thanks!!

    GreenCircle (GC)
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    I haven't seen this cross yet. It looks like fun to try out.... from what I can see the squares are simply two strand crown knots. As far as getting them to square off in the middle, patience and practice. It's not much help but hopefully that will get you closer to the desired result.

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    Thanks for pointing out this variation on cross. First try this variation using an undoubled cord. Then try it with the doubled cord.
    I folded a piece of cord in half then starting with the middle of that doubled cord tied the top crown knot and proceeded from there.