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New User from Germany

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Hi all!

My name is Christian. I am from Germany (near Cologne). I work as an engineer (acoustics) in the automotive industry and in my free time I like beeing outdoors, wheeling my Jeep Wrangler and doing/training for obstacle races like the Spartan Race.

I just got into MYOG and paracord stuff and while googling this forum was one of the first places I found in search for hints and tutorials.

Looking forward to good discussions! :D
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Welcome to the forum!

Feel free to read all the various threads/posts you want. We have a lot of useful and fun information here.
Thanks for the welcome messages! :D

Finished my first cobra knot lanyard yesterday. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. - Will upload some photos later this week.
Welcome Christian! Congrats on your countries win. :D
Welcome Christian! Congrats on your countries win. :D
Thanks! :cheers2:
Germany was one big party last night.
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