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New strap

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A strap I made with a tether that holds a radio holster, overall length 64 inches for the main and 9 inches for the tether. I made a slight variation on the king cobra that makes this about 1/8 inch wider and stiffer than a regular king cobra to hold up to a fair amount of abuse on duty.


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Nice work. How long did it take to complete?
About 3 hours if I don't screw up

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Oh okay.
I like the yellow and black combo

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Where did you get the buckles for the radio strap
Wrist strap for a buddies knife. View attachment 904 View attachment 905 View attachment 906

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Nice concept but that strap looks like it could get snagged on something like a branch, etc. At least you chose a bright color so if that does happen the knife will be visible. YMMV.
Scissor snaps .. You can get em from Lowes or Home Depot .. If you want some with bigger openings you gotta get em online

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Thanks me and my cousin had the same idea and the same length how much cord did it take
75 feet for inside 100 for outside. With that the 75 will leave you 10 foot to make the tether inside and the 100 will leave you about 20 to do the outside of the tether.

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