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Need tie-off knot for box weave key fob

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Hi guys, so my friend looked at a bunch of designs and chose the box knot of all choices.

But instead of melted ends, she wants the left over string to hang down like a tassel.

I've seen some knots to finish weaves that are good for bracelets , but nothing that leaves tassels, and are usually melted anyway.

I've tried most of the standard knots I have in knot books and apps, but none seem suitable.

I want a knot just after the weave ( see pic) so the cords hang free.

Any suggestions?

Thanks peeps! :)

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I am going to describe what I do... Poorly...
start your box knot with the strands over lapping each other but do not pull it tight.
take your ends and put them through the loops made from he previous step. go from the outside of the loops in. if you pull it all tight from there you should have something like this:


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