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I have a pair of bluetooth headphones meant to fit around the neck with pull-out earbuds. Originally it had a hard plastic band on the upper part of the neck band and a rubberized or plastic band on the part that sits on the neck. There are grooves in the lower rubberized band in which the wires rest.

This is the 3rd set of hard plastic neck fitting earphones that I have broken. In one way or another, I've broken the plastic but the earphones still work great. They just cannot be worn as intended.

I removed the upper hard plastic band that broke, leaving just the non-rigid rubberized band. I would like to put a weave around the non-rigid part using paracord to protect the wire and make the headset once again wearable. I need recommendations for how to do this, ie, how to anchor the cord to begin a weave, weave pattern that might work best, size of paracord best suited.

Couple pics attached.


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