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Need help

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This is my first post on the forum. I just started making things (mainly bracelets) out of paracord about a month ago. I have made about 10 or so different bracelets.. A common issue I'm having is when it comes to the end of the bracelet. I'm currently tucking the cords on the back of the bracelet and then melting the ends to make sure they don't come out. The only problem is sometimes after I melt it & smash it down to make sure the ends stay put, it leaves a sharp or annoying end to the bracelet.. Does anyone have any solutions as far as putting a substance like a drop of Silicone or something like that on the ends to make it smoother? I bought a bracelet off Etsy awhile back & it looks like whoever made it melted plastic or something to keep the ends in place & it's very smooth. Any help/ideas/suggestions would be great! Here's a picture of the back of the bracelet I bought.. Finger Wood Thumb Art Creative arts


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Try getting closer to the last braid you went under and just using just enuff heat to melt it then quickly use the metal side of you're lighter to smooth it out,get some scrap and practice using just a touch of flame

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I've started running the end back thru the weave, then bend bracelet around loose end and cut and singe. Let it cool for a second or two, then when you straighten out the bracelet the singe will get sucked back under or into the weave. Have had good results with it and don't come apart.

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Good idea jtb I'll start trying that too

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Welcome to the forum!

There is some good advice posted above but I will add this. If you melt the ends long enough and smash them down using your lighter if you find a sharp edge just melt that part again just enough to smooth it out.
Just take your time as not to burn yourself and in no time you will be used to making smooth ends without much thought and effort.
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