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I found this picture on the Internet for a set of paracord "Birdie Beads". They are used to keep score while golfing or disc golfing without carrying a pen and scorecard.

I have never attempted a project like this and I can't find instructions anywhere on the web so I am hoping someone here can help. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.


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The three two colored knots look like Turk heads. The knots acting as beads look like Turk head knots or Diamond knots.

I never tied a Turks head before but I know how to tie the Diamond knot.

1. Tie the Diamond knot at the top and leave a loop like in the pic.

2. Place some nice beads in the middle like in the pic.

3. Finish with two Diamond knots at the bottom.

I made a set of Ranger beads two years ago using some nice wooden beads I bought from Michael's.
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