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My (new?) thin cord design !

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So I played around until I came up with my own design I was happy with.

I doubt it's original, there is so much I haven't seen, but I hadn't seen it, and made it up, so on a personal level I invented it, lol :)

It's just two cords with alternating pairs of double half hitches.

One design note, if you edit the direction you thread the second half hitch in each knot you can actually make the cords colours alternate sides between each knot as well, just for something different.

Anyway: pic: you can prob zoom in on it ok, it's hard to see that the blue ones are the same as the red etc .

It's my first try at it , and nearly 3am, so some of the loops are probably in the wrong way from the rest ;) (I can already see the one on the right is the opposite way over , prob looks better that way) but i thought i'd let ppl take a look anyway .

Plant Water Automotive tire Tire Rectangle

P.S. - works tons better with gutted paracord, if you use the regular stuff the half hitches are too stiff / thick to grip properly and stay in place .

Also . I used single inner strands or scoubie or other thinner line for final ver, turns out a lot tighter.

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I like that. Is it made with a buckle?
Hi, thanks.

It's still a work in progress, so I havnt got to that stage yet.

The double half hitches 'mostly' hold tight on gutted paracord but it does tends to bunch up
A little bit if not under load.

I'm hoping micro paracord will be a lot better , maybe with knots closer together. But they don't sell it around here and buying it off ebay etc they charge more for postage than the cord

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Do you have any craft supply stores like Michael's and/or Johann's Fabric? They both sell micro paracord.
One craft store sells what is 'kinda' micro paracord in that it's a small hollow woven synthetic tube cord like paracord and really thin, but it has no core strands.
And, um :( it's rainbow coloured. Lol.

It's strong, but I don't think it's paracord

Australia is a lot more limited, especially in small towns.

I can get a huge roll on eBay but I doubt I'd ever use that much :)

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