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    Hey all... this is my first post :)

    I wanted to make my own ultimate survival bracelet. I wanted to include a wire saw and other stuff so unfortunately it had to be an ankle bracelet instead because it was too big for my 6.5 inch wrist...

    Anyhow... inside this ankle bracelet is:

    Wire saw
    Sewing needle
    Safety pin
    Sticking plaster
    One pain killer
    One antihistamine
    One personal medication pill
    One zip tie
    One small razor blade (pulled from a disposable razor)
    Seven inches of duct tape

    The buckle has a flint and scraper. It also had a compass which was rubbish so I pulled it out and put in a magnet instead... can make own compass with needle.

    So yeah... that's my first attempt...

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  2. frodo

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    looks good. I have a challenge for you,

    buy a 8x10 camo, tarp you can cut it down if you desire.

    incorporate the tarp into a rifle sling . so the sling can be broken down into a hammock

    or if you would rather, a back pack sling

  3. SkullsvilleUSA

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    Well that's pretty sweet!
    I would have loved to see where and how
    you stuffed all those items in there.