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My First Belt

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Yesterday I finished a purple paracord belt for my 3 year old daughter using the Solomon bar weave. The buckle is brass and came from a leather belt that I got for a $1.

The belt measures 24 inches without the buckle. My daughters waist isn't that big but I wanted the belt to be a little bigger so she can use it for awhile. I started with 30 feet of paracord and after tucking the ends through four knots and making a little loop for the end of the belt I ended with 4 feet and 3 inches of scrap.

Now for the pics!

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Looks good, my daughters would be fighting over that belt.
Thanks. I chose purple because she can wear it everyday and it won't show signs of dirt like pink would.
Adorable Color choice!
Very nice!!!
Thanks everyone.
Thanks. I decided to use the brass buckle over a plastic side release for two reasons.
1. It looks more like a belt for a child and not a tactical belt.
2. The brass buckle is more durable than the plastic side release buckle.

Plus when she gets older I can always use the same buckle I make here a bigger belt.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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