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Monkey Fist Knot

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Vin- Move it if you wish, but I got first! HA!

grrrr. can't embed it?
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Nice. The guy does it nice and slow, which is what I needed. :thumbsup:

(I need to add more smilies)
I see a lot of people reading here, but not many posts.Lets hear what your thinking :)
I just learned how to make a monkeys fist two days ago. I've Ben wanting to learn but I was always busy with other things. I made a small one without a core for my keys and I made one using a small marble.
This is the one I haven't gotten down yet.. Gonna give it another shot tonight!
Nice, this is on my "learn" list.
The actual wrapping is pretty straightforward what I find time consuming is going back through to tighten the wrap.

I do a lot of different monkey fist. Here is my 3/4" steel ball bearing key chain. Coming off the fist I weaved the 2 ends next to each other with fuss. Then did a diamond Kong into a trilobite weave with key ring.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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