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When you have a lot of items to carry, using a bag or other form of luggage is an easy and convenient way to do so. Tossing your stuff into a bag and slinging it over your shoulder will have you on your way in no time. However, not all items we need to carry will fit in bags. This can mean multiple trips to get things moved to where we need them to be and it can mean having to designate much more time to the task. You can avoid this by making a set of removable carrying handles out of paracord.

Say, for example, that you are moving jugs of water. You can carry one in each hand and make however many trips it takes to get everything in place. Perhaps you are going fishing and want to carry multiple poles at one time, but the poles make doing so difficult and cumbersome. If there was a way to bind those poles together, or those jugs of water, you could accomplish more with fewer trips.

The easiest way to carry bulk items or oddly shaped items is with a pair of adapted handles. You can do this with paracord and a couple of buckles or shackles. Do keep in mind that buckles, while strong, may not be strong enough to bear extremely loads, so if that is what you have in mind, shackles may be a better choice. Once your closure has been selected, it is time to make the actual handle itself.

The handle you created should be in the shape of the letter H. It will have a center section for your hand and two side sections to wrap around the items you wish to carry, such as the handles of water jugs which would enable you to carry two or more in each hand instead of one. In making these handles, you can opt to simply make loops of cord to span the distances between the portions that attach to items and the hand grip area. This might be tough on your hands as the pressure of the individual cords is felt on your flesh. More comfortable might be creating handles using a cobra stitch or a square knot.

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If you opt to tie knotted handles, create the two exterior portions like you would a bracelet. Their purpose will be to wrap around whatever you wish to carry with them, so keep that in mind when you decide what size you would like them to be. For the center portion, be sure it is long enough to accommodate your hand. You can link it into the sides when tying or wrap it around them to bond all of the components together.

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Having a set of handles to attach to things for ease of carrying can be very useful to you. Lots of things you may have to carry will come with handles, and sometimes those handles might break. Paracord handles, on the other hand, will have much more strength. Whether you use them in the great outdoors to bring in multiple bags from the grocery store, mobile handles are a convenience worth embracing.
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