Measuring paracord length

Discussion in 'How To' started by knottymommy, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. knottymommy

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    When you say it's a foot per inch does that include the middle?
  2. steven60

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    The whole length of cord minus whatever you're attaching it to. So if you need 8" of bracelet you would use 8' of cord. Now saying that, that's only true for what you might say are basic weaves.The more intricate or wider the pattern ,the more cord u need.Like king cobra,trilobyte or maybe one of the endless falls patterns you need to go 18"-24" per foot.As always the first new pattern you do start with more then when you measure you're left over you'll see what's needed next time.

  3. MrParacord

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    That's true advice coming from steven60.

    I'll add this. Once you finish the weave (ex. King Cobra) measure the scraps before you cut them and then make of note and answers these questions,

    1. What type of weave?
    2. How much cord did you start/finish with?
    3. The wrist size?
    4. Size of the buckle used?

    Then the next time you make that weave with that buckle for that wrist size you will know just how much cord you need and then add a few inches so you can finish the last few knots.