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If you travel frequently or just plain find yourself carrying a bag around, eventually you are going to be faced with a problem identifying what is yours in comparison to what belongs to someone else. As hard as you may try to use luggage or a laptop bag that is unique, someone somewhere is going to have the exact same one. This can be a real problem when it comes to misidentification. You might think theirs is yours or they might think yours is theirs. Perhaps one of you will go so far as to pick up the wrong bag and leave, not realizing for a good while that a mistake was made. You may even wind up hours and hundreds of miles apart before noticing, and there may not be any contact info in your bag or theirs to right this wrong.

The best way to handle this sort of problem is to avoid having it in the first place. Luggage tags work great on luggage, but only if people bother to read them. This is not always the case, as people are sometimes so \"sure\" a suitcase is theirs that they do not bother to confirm, preferring instead to grab and go. One way to head this off at the pass, other than sprinting to the luggage carousel so you are the first one there, is to make sure your luggage has an additional component that is easily seen from a distance. It does not have to be big, although being bright is helpful for visibility purposes. If you have such an item and someone makes a grab for your bag, having a unique addition to your bag makes solving the problem on the spot as simple as saying, \"I\'m sorry, but my bag is the one with the paracord fob on it.\"

Making that paracord fob for your luggage is easy. The one pictured here is a simple two piece fob that requires all of about 3 feet of paracord. It is small enough to be seen but not large enough to snag or get in the way. Simply take about 8 inches of paracord and fold in it half so there is a loop at one end. Take the other section of cord and tie a cobra stitch, beginning near the loop but too close as you want to leave room to hang it from your bag. Cut and seal the loose ends with a burn, then hang on your bag. You can easily do this by sliding the loop through the end of a zipper and the pushing the length of the fob through the loop. Pull tight and you will have a secure yet obvious means of identifying your bag.

Paracord fobs are not just for suitcases. They can be utilized on any bag that has a good location for adding an attachment. Another good use for a paracord fob is a camera bag, which is even less unique than luggage on the market these days. A standard black camera bag is extremely common, and surely you do not want to have someone mistakenly grab your expensive SLR and leave you their point and shoot. Avoid this by adding a brightly colored fob, such as this one, which is longer and made with a monkey fist and will thus require about 6 feet of cord.

No matter what you would like to identify, rest assured you can do it with paracord! Just select a color, tie, and affix to your bag and instantly keep track of what is yours.
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