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Part of the fun we have in the wilderness involves fishing. The joy of catching fish and cooking it right there, lakeside, are innumerable. There is simply something good and natural about getting back to basics in such a way. Plus fishing is relaxing and enjoyable. How can you not be content casting your line into a body of water and catching some sun while your line eagerly awaits a meeting with a fish?

Fishing has become a complex science with all sorts of lures attract fish and convince them to jump onto your hook. In some ways, it almost seems like cheating to take advantage of the trickery that is adapted, modern lures. If you want to go back in time to a simpler time and try something uncomplicated, make a lure with paracord and go fishing with that instead of something new-fangled and high-tech.

To make a paracord lure, cut about two inches of paracord to get started. Burn one end so none of your interior cord is able to escape; that inner twine is very much a part of this project. Holding your casing securely, pull the inner twine until it is hanging out of the exterior shell. Take that white cord and fluff it up so that it looks delicious (to a hungry fish, anyway). You can do this by rolling it back and forth between your fingers until the threads within the threads have come apart from one another. At this point you will want to take from your tackle box a few inches of fishing line. Also select a hook of appropriate size for the type of fish you wish to reel in for your dinner.

Starting at the end with your exposed interior twine, stick the hook eyelet up into the paracord shaft. Do so carefully; hooks are sharp and stabbing yourself with one can result in wounds, bleeding, and even uttering some unsavory words. With the hook eye a short ways into the shaft, find or make a weak spot and shove it through that exterior casing. Once it is exposed, affix your fishing line to the hook eye and wrap it around both the hook and the paracord several times until secure then tie off tightly. You could also use one of the interior strands for this but fishing line feels more secure and less likely to slip. Now cast your line and catch some fish!

This is a very simple project that is quick to complete. In a matter of just a couple of minutes, you can have a lure with which to work fish magic, enabling you to catch some dinner and tell a new kind of fisherman\'s tale.
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