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There are certain things we should always carry with us throughout our travels. This list of items can be adapted based on what your plans are, but some things should always remain the same, such as paracord. With so many ways to carry paracord, it is still surprising to come across people on trails and hikes who do not have a stitch of it on them. It seems like such a basic thing to bring rope with you on such excursions that it is hard to grasp that anyone would not do so. To that I say, if you are carrying it, it should be carrying paracord.

Take camp utensils for a moment. If you are planning a night in the woods, you will most certainly have food with you. Perhaps you brought food that can be eaten by hand, or perhaps you are planning to cook. If your food is best eaten with a fork, you thought ahead to bring a fork. If you might need a spoon, you brought a spoon. Sure you can get by without these items, but if they are helpful to you, they are right there alongside you.

Why not make your tools work for you? Since that fork is going to be in your pack, make it a paracord fork! If you have a spoon in your pocket, make it a paracord spoon! Why carry a mess of rope when you can make your rope work for you? By wrapping small items in paracord, you automatically have access to smaller lengths of cord without having to cut anything. Bonus to you if you can remember the lengths of cord used in those items; that way you can unwrap the appropriate one to suit your needs when the time comes.

Also beneficial is wrapping items and creating hanging loops in the process. Some items may already have holes in them with which you can attach them to a key ring or carabiner, but not all items will have such conveniences. The solution to that is to make your own! Take that fork and tie a cobra stitch over the handle. Wrap your spoon in rings of paracord. Don\'t be afraid to experiment. Paracord is reusable, after all, so if your first attempt falls short of amazing, try again until you create something with which you are happy.

Use your imagination, but with it, use paracord! The person best able to adapt things and make them convenient for you. So get to customizing your stuff and make your stuff work for you!
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