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Knife handle wraps.

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I've wrapped grips in paracord for years, but I'm always looking for new any to share?
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Not yet, been AFK awhile.will now!

How is the back doing? The knife is in spool tool contest.
I never wrapped a knife handle before.
Still can't find the pic of the knife.:p
Back sucks, gout set in on top of that, this year is a wash!
Wrapping a knife grip can either be easy or a huge P.I.T.A
Just how artistic and skilled are you? I used to look at a Samurai sword handle and think "Godz! how did they do that?!"THEN I met this sweet lady who knew HOW, now its easier than the way I used to do it! these guys paracord wrap some of their blades, they're not Chicom crap either!
They're who inspired me!
Here is a pic of the knife I was talking about.


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NIIIIIICE! I did one with the exact same blade style out of a planer blade once!
Here's one of the ones I have done. I have lots more pics also


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I did the handle of my CRKT STIFF KISS but I simply replaced the existing wrap with the same style only using 550 cord.

And I know it's not a knife, but I Also did a standard solomon bar on the handle of my tomahawk.
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