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Over the years, key chains have taken many forms. From the huge ones that made a statement to the wad of different purposeless yet somehow essential accessories on one overloaded ring to the more subtle less-is-more approach. There is something to be said for less-is-more, and there are two varieties of paracord key fobs that accomplish this.

First is the basic fob, which is on the smaller side but still big enough to grasp. It is most easily made in one or two colors. Simply take a length of paracord (8 inches or so is a good starting point, but you\'re your choice on the size you want your finished product to be) and fold it in half, creating a loop. Then take a second length of cord, keeping in mind that it takes one foot of cord to make one tied inch, and tie a section long enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Cut and seal edges with a burn, both on the tied section as well as burning the ends of your base cord. Attach finished product to your key ring and voila!

Another option, a looped fob, is thicker and has more substance for those of you looking for something more heavy duty. This particular fob is easier to tie onto a key ring initially than to try adding a key ring later because the loop at the end could tighten up, making it difficult to slip anything through it down the road. It is also easier to attempt for the first time using only a single strand and thus a single color. Start by measuring the length of cord you\'ll need to complete a fob in the length you need. Ten inches or so has proven successful as it not only fills your hand well but is also large enough to slide over your hand and be worn around your wrist. Also, keep in mind that this fob is in the shape of a loop, so ten inches will be folded in half, making a finished product that is 5 inches long.

Once you\'ve chosen your cord, fold it in half evenly so the bend is exactly in the middle. This bend will create a loop-slip this loop through your key ring and push the length of your cord through that loop before cinching it down tightly. Ensure your cord hasn\'t slipped off center and that the length to the ends is still even. Next you will measure out the length you want your actual fob to be, such as the ten inches mentioned above. Once you have measured out ten inches, slip each end through on a separate side of the area fixing the paracord to your key ring. This will create the point from which you will start to tie knots.

Using the standard cobra stitch, tie your first knot. Be sure to keep the designated length of your fob from sliding so your measurements will remain accurate. Tie until you have completed the circle and your knots butt up to the key ring on the other end, then cut and seal loose ends with a burn.

Key fobs are an excellent way to keep paracord handy without having to deal with the bulk or restriction of other paracord products that you are less inclined to carry. They also hold up well when it comes to wear and tear. Plus, if you are one to lose your keys, you have many bright color options that will help you find them!

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