Is this really mil spec.. Good quality?

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    Hi, just got this in the mail today. A 300ft spool of type 3 550 paracord.
    Online it says mil spec (military spec) is the quality but as you see in pic it also says commercial.. The two ate probably same but does anyone know of this company? Is it good stuff? It was the cheapest mil spec stuff ive yet seen btw. Thanks[​IMG]
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    Sorry I am so late to the party on this. I believe what you have there is commercial Type III cord.

    The term "mil-spec" gets thrown around a lot with paracord, and many suppliers don't even realize they're misrepresenting their product. True mil-spec paracord must satisfy MIL-C-5040 specifications, which are lengthy and quite specific. It will have three ply inner strands, as opposed to the two ply on commercial cord, and one of those will be a marker strand, to identify the manufacturer.

    If you want true mil-spec cord, 5col is a good source, but you will pay more for it. Everything I've bought from them has been made by Mills Manufacturing, and is great quality stuff.

    Also, know that MIL-C-5040 even specifies colors, and while a few special colors are occasionally made on legitimate military contracts, the VAST majority of cord sourced to the military is either Camo Green 483 or White (Natural). I know of no cases where the military has ordered patterned cord. So, while you will find sites selling "pink camo MIL-C-5040 cord," that's not really a thing.

    All that said, though, if you stick with commercial cord made in the US by government contractors, the quality is very good, usually with true 550 lb. breaking strength, and, unless you plan on hanging from a parachute by it, it will do everything you ever need.

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    What you have there is commercial type III cord from EL Wood. Great quality cord but not really mil-spec. It meets the strength requirement of mil-spec, but not the construction. then again, it's less expensive than true mil-spec. FWIW, EL Wood is a government contractor and does make REAL mil-spec cord. This cord is some of the best out there.