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There are all sorts of uses for paracord, from creating interesting craft items to making your stuff work for you through the use and addition of paracord. Many things go hand in hand with paracord almost naturally, as if the union was meant to be from the beginning of time. Paracord also looks good and makes for a stylish accessory in addition to being able to assist you in a survival situation.

Something else you may find useful is nuts, as in the kind that go with bolts. Nuts are used as fasteners and can help complete many projects. If you are in a survival situation, you never know when a nut might come in handy. They can be used to serve their intended purpose when paired with a bolt, or they can be used separately for purposes such as fishing weights, or for repairing items such as a bike chain sprocket. With uses for nuts being widely available, why not combine them with paracord?

Paracord bracelets for the mechanically inclined should include things useful to that type of person. One such item that comes to mind is the nut. In truth, many of us make paracord bracelets hoping to never have to use them, but prepared to use them as necessary. Making a paracord bracelet with useful tools in it, however, might make you feel a little differently. Suppose you do have reason to carry around a series of small parts, such as nuts. If you put them in your pocket, they might fall out. If you stick them in a bag or pack, they could be anywhere and you will have to spend a lot of time digging for them when you need them. Instead, you could put them in a paracord bracelet where they will always be within your line of sight and can be easily accessed when needed by untying only a few stitches of that bracelet.

There are several ways you can place nuts in a paracord bracelet, just as there are several types of nuts that can be used. Depending on what you need and with what frequency, select a number and type of nuts that you wish to carry in your bracelets. You can even mix and match nuts if you wish. As you begin your bracelet, start placing nuts at various intervals. You can create something uniform with specific spacing between nuts or you can stick them wherever you want for a more disheveled look. It is all based on your taste and what works for you.

Nuts may seem to some like an odd addition to a paracord bracelet, but depending on your walk of life, they can be quite useful. Even if you are not a user of nuts on a regular basis, perhaps you are a fan of the industrial look, which is what a bracelet full of nuts will give you. Either way, this is something new to try and you just might find that you like it in addition to being able to benefit from it.

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