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Hello all,

I would like to incorporate a couple of Herkimer Diamonds into a Paracord bracelet. I searched the web trying to find someone who has done such a thing, but haven't found anything as of yet. I am thinking I will have to use wire wrapping, (used in jewelry making) to wrap the diamond in place, but am unsure how to incorporate it into the knots. Also, wondering which knot would be best for this.

Thanking you in advance, for any help you can provide! (P.S. Herkimer diamond image attached)

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If you can find any stones with holes then all you need is the same color jewelry wire to match the color paracord your using then just tuck the jewel in between each knot. The knots will hide and hold the wire in place and if you use a weave like the Solomon a.k.a Cobra then you will hardly notice the wire.
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