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I have a tub and a flip top box, and I use gallon bags for completed projects.

The large tub houses all of my cord in every color and type (that I have) as well as remnants, and rarely used buckles and clasps and gadgets. It also holds extra scissors, dowels, cord spools, etc.

The smaller flip top box is my working box, it's what I use every time I'm working on a project. It has a fabric tape, scissors, torches and lighters, marlin spikes, small nail punches, and other tools inside. It also has my buckles and shackles, wood and metal monkey fist cores, key rings, and push button barrel clasps and my lacing threads/cord and needles. I also have some completed bracelets so I can compare common sizes as well as some recently completed bracelets and ones that are in the works.

Sometimes it's a pain to stay organized, but it keeps things right where you can lay your hands on something when you need it. I find it's critical to seperate like things together such as buckles, cores, tools, and cord, I even micro organize with smaller bags inside of other bags.

There's nothing like trying to untanlgle cord, its a mess and frusterating to mess with, not to mention when the cord guts get twisted which make working with it a pain and your work doesn't look as good. I usually try to leave the cord in the bags in which they came; I take them out, carefully unroll what I need, then put it back in the bag. Inevitably some comes out and gets tangled, I spent two hours carefully rerolling some of it tonight making sure to untangle and untwist what was messed up.

Now everything is back to normal and I feel better knowing I can find what I need. If you have a kit or storage or ideas that may help others please share and include pictures if you can.

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