How do you choose what colors to have on hand?

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  1. Sparky_D

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    This is especially for those of you who paracord for re-sale.

    With the seemingly endless assortment of colors and patterns, how do you decide what colors you will have on hand? Especially when first starting out...

    I'm already good on the local big college colors and the local major sports teams (MLB, MLS, NFL), but what else do you folks use to determine what you carry? Seasonal? Fun? Unique?

    I have a person who has agreed to take some of my finished products to the craft shows she attends (for a cut, of course).

    Thanks in advance...
  2. steven60

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    I'm An earth tone guy so I keep blacks,browns,greens and darker colors and some of the darker two and three tone ones.. If someone wants a crazy brite color or something I don't have I just try to find it locally or order it and tell em they have to wait a few days

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  3. MrParacord

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    For a reseller they would have to keep with the trends. I'm sure a lot of paracord resellers are stocking Fall and now Winter/Christmas colors. Same goes for the holidays and different seasons.