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Flashlights are essential for survival or when trekking about in darkness. You do not want to fall in an unseen hole or trip over a log you did not know was there. To avoid such obstacles, you need to see them, which is where having a flashlight comes in handy. The bad thing about flashlights, however, is their shape. Being long and round can make them difficult to store. If you put too long of a flashlight in your pocket, it could fall out. Storing your flashlight in your pack can result in rummaging around through your pack in the dark for quite some time before you are able to locate your light. All of this is rather inconvenient and needs to be avoided for the sake of your safety and sanity.

There are two ways carrying issues with flashlights can be solved. One of them will enhance your ability to grip the light by adding a handle while the other will give you a convenient means to store your flashlight on your belt. Pick your poison and get out that paracord!

To create a handle on your flashlight through which you can slip your hand, take a piece of paracord and start by creating two areas where it will loop around the light body. This cord needs to be long enough to acclimate your hand, so measure what will make a comfortably sized grip for you. Fold your length of cord in half and start at the part of your flashlight nearest the bulb. Place the center of your cord against the body of your light, then bring it around so that it loops twice. From there, measure out the length you want your handle to be and move to the other end of your light where the second loop will rest. Make two loops around the body of your light there as well. In this process, your original loops may loosen, but that will not matter as you will re-tighten them as you go; what does matter is that you preserve the necessary length to tie a large enough handle for your hand. Once your second set of loops are around your flashlight body, begin tying a cobra stitch over the section of cord that runs between your first and second loops. Tie from beginning to end, placing your loops where you want them on the body of your light and snugging them up tightly. When you have tied through the slack between loops, cut and seal with a burn and you're done. Now you have a convenient place to rest your hand against your flashlight with less risk of dropping it.

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The second method of creating a convenient means to carry a flashlight is on your belt in the style of a holster. Measure a length of paracord that corresponds with the width of your belt and also allows for room to hold your flashlight. Fold this cord in half and place the middle against the body of your light below the bulb. From there, complete your measurement of cord for the circular portion that will slide around your belt; the goal here is to create a paracord flashlight holder that will slide on and off of your belt as needed. Once you have this measurement laid out, take your paracord slack and move it to the section nearest your light. You want to start tying near the bulb of your light, leaving a loop for the light to slide in and out of with ease, so do not make this loop too tight--just make it tight enough that your light cannot slide through. Begin tying a cobra stitch near the bulb and wrap your knots all the way around the designated belt portion until you run out of room to tie. Cut excess and seal with a burn, then slide your flashlight holder onto your belt and go!

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With just a few minutes of time, you can eliminate two potential flashlight problems. You can even use these fixes separately or together if you wish but when making the first handle you will need to maintain some slack in your loops to enable the handle to slide out of the way as you holster your flashlight. Happy hiking, both day and night, because thanks to paracord you will always have light!
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