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    new to this forum and the world of paracord projects. Hello my name is RazorJ and I am interested in doing some work with paracord and came here to see if I could get some help with an idea I would like to try.
    What drew me in here was a hex nut bracelet designed by kevin house video that I saw on youtube. I would like to make a modification to that design as I have done some work with chains. Specifically bike or motorcycle chain. I have a nice belt buckle made from a motorcycle chain and thought to replace the hex nuts with a piece of chain would make a nice accent to the buckle. Hope anyone familiar with this type of bracelet would be able to tell me if I could substitute a length of chain for the nuts or would I have to alter the knotting as well???
    Looking forward to hearing from some knowledgeable people and maybe showing a completed project gone from idea to reality! Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    It's possible to use the chain in a bracelet. You would just weave it into the knot like the Solomon bar a.k.a Cobra.

    Or by attach the length of chain to both ends of the bracelet by using a piece of paracord at both ends of the chain and weave those ends into the bracelet.