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Hey all,
Started paracord about a year or two ago but got serious with it the last few months. My son started in scouts, I became a scout leader, we were looking for projects, so forth and so on, and down the rabbit hole I went. Now I'm always wishing I had some cord in my hands when I get bored. I've even started carrying a kit with me so when I get a few, I throw something together or learn something new.

Hoping to make a little money off of it (enough at least to feed my habit) and finally get a few things that I've been needing (new badge lanyard, binocular strap, new watch band, etc...).

I'm into tech, outdoors, firearms, family. Love Sci-Fi and action/adventure. Always have a book of some sort around and usually end up trying to find the next thing for my scouts to do or learn.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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