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New to paracord. Stumbled across a simple kit in Joann's Fabric in Jan.
Took a few hours to figure it out. Got hooked.
Received 1500' of cord in the mail last Thurs. It's bad. :rolleyes:
What is it called....cording? tying? macrame on steroids? :dunno:
I do know it totally appeals to my OCD personality.
Total symmetry. The texture. Mixing the different weight cords, gutting cord.
The color combinations are endless. The learning process. Wonderful gray matter
exercise. Excellent physical therapy for nerves in my forearms, injured in a bike crash.
I love the feel of just the right amout of pressure and the moment that you feel
the fibers slip together into their final resting place.
..........and the best part.....I'm in total control.
This is an incredible form of sensual art. :cool:
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