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Rumor has it that spring is right around the corner. This may be true, but around here we have yet to really see the signs. With freezing temperatures present most nights, the thought of spring is still but a daydream. Hopefully soon we will snap out of that daydream and spring will have sprung, and with it, our gardens.

If you are not an avid gardener, it is something you should consider. There is a huge difference between a vegetable grown in your backyard than one you can buy in a grocery store. Homegrown tastes incredible, so much better than anything from a grocer. The taste difference is so amazing, in fact, that you have to really wonder why the difference is so dramatic. Certainly there are lots of reasons for this (genetic modification, pesticides, etc.) and those reasons should be encouragement for you to consider growing some veggies of your own. Whether you live on a thousand acres or inside of a thousand square foot apartment, with some pots and ingenuity, a garden can become yours, especially if you have paracord.

In coming across the story recently of soldiers starting a garden in Iraq, I was reminded just how useful paracord can be when it comes to all things, including gardening. In the uncompromising environment, these soldiers managed to grow themselves some vegetables. Sure, it took a lot of work, but part of that work was done by paracord. In fact, they combined paracord and rebar to create even rows within their garden.

While most of us have a much friendlier growing area with which to contend than the Iraqi soil, there is still work that must be done by us and our paracord. For example, raised boxes can be segmented with the use of paracord. If you wish to keep your plants organized for early identification purposes, mark off squares in your garden for planting, then tag each section as needed to keep track of what is planted where.

If you plant tomatoes, you can use paracord to aid them in growth. Since tomatoes grow upward and sometimes need a little help in standing up straight, some paracord tied around the plant and to a stake will assist your tomatoes in making their way towards the sky. In much the same manner, if you were to grow grapes, you can create a structure from which those grapes can hang by using paracord to run lines between supports.

The time to plant is near, even if Mother Nature is leading us to disagree. If you plan on having a garden this year, shopping for and ordering seeds is something you should be considering. While you\'re at it, however, perhaps you should be shopping for some extra paracord as well. While there are many good reasons to purchase paracord, surely gardening for sustenance is near the top of the list!
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