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Fishing with Paracord

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Has anyone ever tried to use paracord to fish with?
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I have not, but I am very interested in hearing about anyone who has. I have often wondered about removing the inner strands and using one of them for maybe a 100ft spool on a bait caster to see how it works. It's about as thin as some heavy braided line!

I wonder if it would hold up for any length of time in salt water.
If anyone is interested in the idea of fishing with paracord they should start learning how to do it so that way if in a emergency survival situation they will be able to catch fish if by a body of water.
I'm going to try it next summer.
Yes and it works well. I also use it for dental floss. The inner strands.

~The best survival paracord is the one you never have to use~.
I actually use paracord for several different kinds of fishing. If you have some 1-2 liter pop bottles you can make jug lines . I use it for trot lines and for limb lines which are lines tied to tree limbs or stumps along a river or lake. I also use the insides of 550 cord to repair my cast nets. I will post pics tomorrow for you msg me if you want more info

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