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Favourite "solid handle" knife wrap?

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Hey guys.

I get a bit ... hypomanic.. . sometimes, and so often at 2.30 am it might seem like a really good idea to grind down an old $4 thin cleaver I got for a Chinese shop into a useful knife that is the right shape for flaying all the foam and material off an old couch I want the wooden frame from.

All my knives are tanto / straight blade, which seems a bit of an over sight now, and while they cut fine, they don't really suit the task.

So I got out the trusty dremel and away I went. (Pics to come).

I started based on some nice simple designs I saw online, but as the night wore on, it ended up more like a Klingon war dagger, and then as I realised the impracticality, blended back to an ugly mess of the two.
(Shame, it looked really slick at one stage)

Live and learn right, and hey. $4, I'll have another crack next week.

Anyway, it had a fat wooden handle I tried grinding into shape, and it felt ok in grip, but then of course I think, "strip it right down and paracord weave the handle ! Awesome!" (As you do at 4am on hypomania) :p

So I've been looking for solid handle wraps. I could (probably will) drill a hole in the end, but at this stage it just has two small hole shaped grooves near where the blade starts that the paracord clips in nicely either side of the handle base/top.

Solomon/ cobra. No.
That standard back and forth one you see a lot needs a hollow core.
Youtubing etc didn't turn up a lot, but I think I'm using the wrong search terms.
(No sleep make me a dull buy)

So far the best I have seen is what was called a 'strider wrap'. This seems to be the winner so far but I remember seeing some awesome looking wraps on hatchet handles and even shovel handles that would probably work.

Any favourites / recommendations?

Thanks! :)

P.S. I think I ground the tang a bit thin, so any weave that would help structurally reinforce that would be a bonus :)

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There is a hole near the blade and at the back of the tang on this one.
Its tight and doesnt slip around like most solid handle wraps do.
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Ok, so, on the remote chance that anyone is interested, here's the (so far) end result.

It started with a cheap thin cleaver, Brown Rectangle Wood Collar Font

Which I decided to turn into a filleting knife to flay an old couch.

It got a bit Klingon wacky at one point, and went through a lot of iterations
Wood Rectangle Metal Auto part Fashion accessory

Before some testing revealed design flaws and a need for a hook as well as curve, and eventually serrations.
Fashion accessory Metal Composite material Plastic Font

I tried a bunch of wraps on the handle, and ended up just a plain wind around, with an extra elongated wind to finish.

Because it was cheap tan cotton wannabe cord, I wrapped it in tape.
Which is actually very comfortable.

Automotive tire Font Auto part Art Metal

So , not a super 'on topic' paracord post, but there is (kind of) paracord of the handle.


Anyway, it works really well! :)

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You made that using a Dremel? That's impressive looking. It does put in the mind of a knife from a Sci-fi movie.
Hehe, thanks, yeah was going for a bit of a fantasy / scifi feel, plus it was pretty much improvised along the way.

Just the old hand held Dremel, that's why it's pretty rough looking , kneeling on the garage floor trying to clamp it with my foot, lol.

I'm getting a workbench , vise and small bench grinder set up soon though, so if I try again, this time with a pre-calculated design, I feel the results should be pretty smooth :)

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