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When engaging in shooting activities, a major concern amongst shooters is having a comfortable grip affixed to their weapons. Grips are big business; if you take a look online you will see the many shapes and sizes available. Modern-day grips have come a long way in terms of appearance. You can find a grip in just about any style and color to outfit practically any handgun. With all of the grips on the market these days, how do you decide what is best for you? Which grips are functional versus which ones are all about appearance and \'look at me\' factor?

It can be tough to weed through and choose a good, solid grip for your firearm. You want something that will fit comfortably in your hand and absorb recoil, saving your hands from doing so. A grip should not be too small but also should not be too big. Grip consistency is also important; does your grip perform the same in various weather and humidity conditions?

What about if your hands are wet? If you\'ve ever gone shooting on a hot day, you are no stranger to sweaty palms and the havoc they can wreak on your ability to grip your handgun. Having wet or sweaty hands makes it harder to hold on to a cycling firearm, especially if you are firing multiple shots. The recoiling weapon can turn into a jumping bean right there in your hot, sweaty hands which can affect your ability to stay on target. That is especially dangerous if you are firing to save your life and need to be able to perform under pressure while perspiring.

If you want to improve the grips currently on your handgun or simply replace them with something new, paracord is worth considering. You can wrap it around an existing grip or even tie knots (such as a cobra stitch) to make a tackier grip. To combat sweaty hands, paracord will absorb some of that moisture and it is mildew resistant so you don\'t have to worry about it getting funky. Paracord grips will also provide a uniform gripping surface that will not move or slide. They are also fully customizable, especially if they are made by you, for you. If you want your grip to be thicker or thinner in places to accommodate your hands, tie knots or wrap your paracord thicker and thinner in those places. Simply complete the addition to the grip area of your firearm and cut excess cord then seal with a burn to prevent fraying. It really is that easy!

It goes without saying but let\'s say it sure your weapon is pointed in a safe direction at all times and unload it before attempting to wrap it with paracord or anything else. You do not want to shoot the couch or any living creatures including yourself, so practice firearm safety at all times. Also when wrapping, do not wrap your trigger guard or anywhere that will catch on a cycling slide as that can impede the function of the weapon.

Adding a paracord overlay to your gun grips is sure to provide your firing experience with both comfort and stability. Try out some different styles to see what feels best to you or change it up from time to time simply because you can. Be creative with and enjoy your new paracord grips, but don\'t forget to follow safety guidelines at all times.
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