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Paracord is largely billed as survival material, and in all seriousness, that is exactly what it is. However, there is more to paracord than serving a serious purpose...paracord can be fun, too!

As someone who has made and sold a paracord project or two over the years, I am well aware that kids love paracord as much as adults do. Many kinds want to be just like mom and dad, so it comes as no surprise that people ask all the time about paracord gear for their kids. Lots of times kids are happy to wear a bracelet just like dad has, or carry a key chain just like mom carries. Kids also like to make things on their own, so a perfect solution is to have something easy for them to make, perhaps even using up excess paracord you have laying around that is too short for any of the projects you have in mind.

Enter the dragonfly. To make this dragonfly, you\'ll need about 3 feet of paracord and a couple of pony beads or other beads to serve as eyes. Gluing on other forms of makeshift eyes such as googly eyes would be great as well-let your imagination run wild!

First, take the length of cord you\'ve selected and fold it in half. If you\'ve chosen beads to serve as your dragonfly\'s eyes, slide one onto each side of your fold. Then, slide your fingers down the length until you have determined the length you would like your dragonfly to be and fold each side into a loop to make your dragonfly\'s eye area. Make sure you slide your beads into position here.

After completing the eye area, tie two knots in the style of a cobra stitch (AKA Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet). Before tying your third knot, create a large loop on each side to act as the top set of wings; tightening this will be difficult to do without removing the loop itself, so be sure to hold it in place while you tighten. Tie two more knots and repeat the loop process for the second set of wings, making this loop smaller. Once the second loop is complete, tie a normal cobra stitch until you are about a half inch from the end at which point you should cut your excess slack and seal with a burn, leaving a small loop at the end from which to hang your dragonfly or attach it to a key ring.

The dragonfly is quick and easy and will give your kids a paracord project all their own. They can be made in a vast array of colors to decorate a bedroom, attach to a backpack, and much, much more. Enjoy time spent with your children making this happy, little dragonfly, growing your bond with them while acquainting them with the many uses for paracord all at the same time!
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