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My partner has a EDC bag, he was getting really frustrated with the zip pulls, so because I love a mission I made him new zipper pulls which he loves now....
I'm really happy with my first try...
Any one else have an EDC paracord covered or anything paracord that's to do with their EDC?
I would love new ideas for me to try for him to have as he is so impressed by my work
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Welcome to the forum!

How about some zipper pulls for your partner to wear on a jacket, coat, etc?
I could do if I had some more paracord cord but he loves the ones I did on his EDC ...
Might consider it speak to him first but I was wondering what people have done for their EDC (every day carry)

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I have paracord all over my EDC.
Zipper pulls on my coats, jackets and bags.
Short lanyards on my EDC knives.
Key fobs.
A knife wrapped and lashed to my EDC bag with paracord.
And a 50' hank of it just in my bag.
I also use the inner strands to sew the leather sheathes for my custom kives.
^^*are you in an EDC forum. My partner is on

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Ive looked around there, but my wallet is afraid to join.. lol.
Haha, his was too lol!
But he loves the forum has helped him with ideas for his EDC :)

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Ive been thinking about it for that reason.
Wanna start building BOBs and car kits, i figure those guys would have good ones I could go off of.
There's loads of great BOB ideas and other DIY projects from danglers to full out kits

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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