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Hunting for ducks incorporates many things, but one certain necessity is the tool or ability to call ducks. Whether you have magic lips and can emit an effective waterfowl call or have to use a manmade duck call to get the job done, there is a serious need to produce some quacking. Depending on your level of commitment, you could be spending a couple hundred dollars for those calls and you definitely don't want to drop or lose something that expensive.

Enter the paracord waterfowl call lanyard! This item is intended to serve a purpose much more important than organization of and easy access to your duck calls, although that is very much part of its charm. It is also meant to keep calls safe and secure around your neck as opposed to lost forever in the swamp never to be seen again. Since water, mud, and muck are the enemies of a duck call, using this type of lanyard can literally save the lives of your calls by keeping them dry and functional.

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The good news is you can make one of these awesome paracord waterfowl lanyards yourself! Just calculate the length you would like to be and measure out an adequate amount of paracord. There are several different knot styles that will work for this purpose, so settle on one you like and get to tying. Be sure to leave loops or loose threads in places where you would like to place your calls. Once completed, cut any excess and seal loose ends with a burn.

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The neat thing about a duck call lanyard is that you have all the control. You can place your call hangers wherever you want them to be, in whatever pattern works best and is most convenient for you. Whatever the number of call hangers you need, you can make it happen. You can also make each hanging loop to the individual specifications of the call that will go in it to ensure even better against loss or damage.

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A duck call lanyard is just another way in which paracord showcases its versatility. Being that paracord is mildew-resistant, you can get your lanyard itself wet without worrying that it will become ruined, thus enabling you to use it year after year. Whether it is a duck in the sky or a deer on the ground, paracord used in hunting materials will not let you down.
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