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If you are a fan of paracord bracelets but want something a little different and, dare I say funky, then here is some information on a bracelet you should try. It is wider than your average cobra stitch bracelet (Solomon Bar AKA Portuguese Sinnet) plus it has a little give to it due to the looser nature of the knots. It is also a little bit asymmetrical which gives it a funky, unique look.

To make the Square Knot bracelet, you may want to consider using a larger buckle. I usually make bracelets with a 3/8 inch buckle but this bracelet would probably be better made with a 1/2 inch buckle. This is because you need to hang two separate pieces of cord from the buckle in a side by side fashion. To do this, take your first color and fold it in half. Slip the fold at the halfway point through the buckle, then pull the length of the cord through the folded portion on the other side, cinching it down tight. Repeat this step with the second piece of cord so that they are looped over the buckle next to one another.

Once the cord is on the buckle, it is time to start tying. This particular knot is really easy to tie. All you have to do is take both strands of your first color and cross them over the top of your second color. After that, pull the cords of your first color around the back of the second color and through the hole formed between the colors. You want the strands of the first color to come out of that hole so they are back on top of the cord in that color. Repeat these steps with the second color and alternate your way down to the end.

When you are ready to tie off your bracelet, things can get a little tricky. For your last two knots, you want to tie them as usual, but incorporate your buckle into the knots. When you cross one color over the next, do it by also going through your buckle one time with each color, then pull it tight. As per usual, you need to cut and tie the excess, but this can be a little trickier with this bracelet because there is a lot of cord bunched together. Instead of burning the usual two cords, you are burning four and the angle of the burn is a little more complicated. Be very careful as it is easy to accidentally burn the other cords in your bracelet due to that odd angle.

The finished product is worth the burning trouble and will look good on your wrist or ankle. This bracelet style is wider and thus takes a little more cord, but that is more cord you will have on you when you need it. It is also just as easy to untie as it is to tie in the first place, so don\'t be a square-try a square knot!

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