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    I'm sort of new to the amazing world of paracord and I have recently made some dog collars, which I'm planing on selling. But what I need is some ideas for what colors I should use to make them tactical/outdoorsy looking but still have a bright or reflective color.

    Please reply, I'm new to the forums.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You could use and combo of colors you like. For example blue and black but to add a reflective aspect add a strip or two of reflective paracord in your choice of color.

    OR using the same color example above use blue paracord and black reflective or vise versa.

    Before you start ordering a bunch of paracord find the site you want to buy from and then look through all their colors for both reflective and non-reflective and make a list and start putting together some color combos. Also ask people what colors they would like to have for their dogs and see what popular color choices are.