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Different Size Buckles

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First - Happy Holidays to all!

I am going to be making paracord bracelets for sale to those who I will not be able to fit the bracelet to in person. I know how to size the bracelet based upon their measurement, BUT I have found when I just made a bracelet for myself this way, that there is a difference in fit if using a 1/2" buckle and a 5/8" buckle. I am using a jig that I made based upon the many that I have seen for sale and that there are instructions for on the web. It appears that there is an 1/4" difference in where the slots are for the 1/2" buckle compared to the slots on the 5/8". Will just adding another 1/4" to the size of the bracelet - plus the one inch I am adding standard to the measurement allow the bracelet to fit the wearer properly?

How do all of you who sell, adjust for a smaller buckle?

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Someone must use different size buckles? Maybe after the holidays someone will respond. I can wait. :)
I'm not too good at explaining things, but I will give this a try. It sounds as though you are measuring from where the paracord itself attaches at one end of the buckle around to the other connection point of paracord to buckle. If you instead measure from the very end of the buckle without the 3 prongs, around to the other part of the buckle at the base of where the 3 prongs are attached, then it won't matter what size buckle you use. Hope this helps.
Thank you, Nelson - this is what it seemed to me and my jig is set up with the attaching buckles on the jig to be from the very spots you describe. My question comes from a few Google hits that talked about adjusting wrist size for various sized buckles. It seems that as you say, what I thought is correct and just go with the flats on each buckle (end of female and behind the prongs on male).

Thanks, again!
I first make a test product to my wrist size for every buckle I sell. My biggest buckle I have to add close to 3 inches to the length. Example a wrist size of 7 I have to set my jig to 10 inch mark for a 3/4 flat whistle buckle. My smallest buckle 1/2 I have to add an inch.

I've found that the size of the buckle and whether or not it has a buckle can determine the overall length of the finished bracelet.

I have a simpler method to figure out the how to set my jig but its a company secret. :)

As you get into making these for people you will learn how much cord to start with to end with about 4 inches or less of scrap and what sizes to set your jig to according to the buckle and wrist size.
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