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If you are looking for an easy paracord knot that can amount to a quickly finished project, then you are in luck! One that comes to mind as a match for such a description is the Diamond Braid Stitch. It is not so much knot tying as passing strands over one another, but it can look really nice when you are done. Well, for most people it does. My efforts never seem to be quite as impressive as other paracordists when it comes to this knot, but like I\'ve said before, I have weak hands and cannot grip as well as many of you.

To tie the Diamond Braid Stitch, you need two strands of cord. Ideally you should use two different colors so you can see your progress and fix any mistakes you make as you learn. To start, find the centers of both colors and overlap them. Then take your bottom color and crisscross each end over the top color in opposite directions, pulling tight. Since there is no actual knot, just a crossing back and forth of cords, you need to stay on top of things as you go, so the cords do not move. This can result in your efforts becoming off center.

For the next move, take your second color and crisscross the strands in opposite directions, just as you did with the first color. Repeat this motion until you reach your desired length, keeping your work as tight or loose as you prefer. It helps to repeat the same movements with the same pieces of cord on moving in the same direction on the same side of the knot to keep things looking uniform, otherwise your efforts may look a little staggered. When you are done, you might want to consider tying a closing knot to hold it all together, such as a simple overhand knot. Trying to seal a Diamond Braid Stitch with a burn is possible, but will take several burns and probably look messy.

Below is a duck call lanyard made using the Diamond Braid Stitch. It did not take long to make, but it did use about 12 feet of cord for a 4 foot long finished product. Granted, some of that is taken up by waterfowl call holding loops. Experiment before you commit to a big project, but keep the Diamond Braid Stitch in mind. It is not as coarse as some knots and is somewhat flexible, so it makes good dog collars, leashes, and other such things that you want to have a little give.

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