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It's been forever since I've tied anything.

This one has been in my mind for a while. My brother has been going through chemo for Melanoma. Someone gave him one of those elastic support bracelets that was gray with yellow writing. Now I don't wear those bracelets because they're one size fits all and being on the large size, they always fit too tight. I wanted to make something with the same color scheme that I could wear as a sign of support and to remind me to pray for him.

It's a basic thin-line Solomon with a loop and diamond knot closure. I used 2.5 ft of yellow for the core and an additional foot of gutted yellow for the thin line. The yellow has a reflective tracer in it. No real reason for using this other than it's what I had lying around and the yellow was the right color. The Solomon was done with 7 ft of gray.


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Nice color combo! I am a skin cancer survivor, not melanoma but cancer non the the less. I pray my luck on your brother! I'm in the same size category when it comes to those elastic type bands! LOL.

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My prayers are with your brother, and that is a cool looking bracelet. Wear it proudly!
Very nice looking bracelet. God bless you and your family.
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