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Paracord is a handy survival tool that should never been left at home. What is another survival tool that should never be left at home? Your knife, of course!

Let\'s say you are a forgetful sort and you set off on a hike with only your trusty dog Rover. You want to enjoy some peace and serenity, so you leave your cell phone at home. In the process of removing your phone from your pocket, you set your knife down. Then, unfortunately, you forget to pick it back up. Oops.

Before you know it, you and Rover are enjoying the solitude of the woods and basking in the joy of having the trail all to yourselves. As you progress deeper into the woods, a couple miles at least, you hear a pop. Pain shoots up your leg and you fall to the ground.

Rover, good boy that he is, is still no Lassie. He licks your face worriedly but knows not how to help you. He also will not leave your side so flagging down another hiker is not an option. Even so, it is just the two of you out there anyway.

A quick look at your ankle confirms you are suspicion that you are pretty screwed. Despite the intense pain, you know you have to get on your feet. Hopefully the pop you heard was a tendon or ligament rather than a bone, but your ankle is unstable regardless.

Glancing around in a panic, Rover still licking you every chance he gets, you see only two useful things-sticks and the paracord bracelet on your wrist. With a rush of hope, you begin reaching for sticks sturdy enough to provide support and then you undo your bracelet. You have 8 feet of cord in your 8 foot bracelet, which is not a lot, but if you cut it into sections, you can create stabilization points in the splint.

As you reach for your trusty knife, you feel nothing in your pocket and your blood runs cold. Your memory flashes to setting the knife you left at home. Faced with the inability to cut the paracord, you attempt to wrap your ankle the best you can, but you simply can\'t make the cord go the distance. The precious inches wasted between support points you really want to pull tight are hindering your progress.

If only there was a way to cut Paracord without a knife...

Oh, but there IS! Friction, your heat generating friend is here to save the day! Simply anchor your cord to two objects, such as nearby trees, and loop the rest of the length through it and pull back and forth. This will create enough friction to melt the paracord through until it is completely severed. It won\'t be pretty, but neither will you after the night or three it may take for someone to find you alone in the woods. For more info and photos, take a look here.

A PSA from Rover, \"Knives are good to have!\"

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