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Whether it happens at work, school, or anywhere else, we've all had someone steal a pen of ours. Perhaps it was not actually stolen so much as borrowed and not returned, but regardless of the details, our stuff has gone missing. No good deed goes unpunished it sometimes seems, and with pens being pretty similar looking across the board, it can be tough to identify and prove what is rightfully yours. With one pen varying very little or not at all from the next one, pens are anything but unique to begin with, but you can change that with paracord.

Take a vanilla pen and make it interesting by adding paracord to the core. There is no real survival benefit to this, unless you consider not being boring part of your survival plan, which is totally understandable. It does take about 3-4 inches of paracord to complete this project, but the cord needs to be gutted and even then there is not a lot of use for the paracord itself or the interior twine due to small size. If you have some ideas for salvaging the interior twine, by all means go for it, but don't be surprised if you come up a little short.

The type of pen needed for this project is one with a clear body. It can be retractable or it can be fixed in position, but the clear body is the way to show off the paracord. Start by taking the pen apart; most have either a top or bottom that screws loose. Pull the insides of the pen out, specifically part containing the ink, but be careful not to lose the spring if you are using a retractable pen. With the ink container in your hands, measure the length of it you would like to cover. Cut a piece of paracord to that length and pull the interior twine out. You may want to gently singe the edges of your casing cord so they do not work loose, then slide it over the ink container. Carefully place the ink and spring back into the pen and screw the pieces back together.

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The end product will be a pen with visible paracord inside. This will not only leave no doubt as to which pens are rightfully yours, but it can also make your writing utensils more exciting. This is also a great idea for kids, as they can easily do it themselves (with a little burning help from you) and create pens in colors that interest them. Even though this is a relatively small project, it is a good way to use scrap pieces of cord to take something otherwise dull and make it interesting once more.
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