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Just joined the forum. Here is some of my creations.
The basics. Two tone cobra, herring bone wrapped cobra, cobra embedded bead, water fall, and wrapped Solomon, 550# wrapped w/330#.
Blue Automotive tire Electric blue Font Fashion accessory

Wrapped, 550# wrapped w/95#. The yellow is 330# wrapped w/95#.
Cobra, thin line w/embedded bead.
Purple Art Creative arts Rectangle Body jewelry

Patriotic king Cobra.
Sleeve Creative arts Art Jewellery Denim

Sports bracelets. Broncos, Avalanche, Alabama.
Avalanche is gutted crossover.
Body jewelry Blue Tableware Neck Creative arts

Triple color Cobra rememberance, cross stitched half hitch, and dragons tongue.
Brown Body jewelry Religious item Jewellery Wood

My latest creations. The infinity weave.
White Blue Purple Green Black

Infiinity key fobs.
Purple Sleeve Feather Natural material Woolen

Infinity w/embedded bead.
Natural material Sleeve Electric blue Jewellery Creative arts


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