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Paracord bracelets are probably the easiest and most common way to carry paracord. Put one on your wrist and it becomes a part of you that goes mostly unnoticed until you need it. It does not get in the way or feel uncomfortable, instead feeling like a second skin of sorts. Plus paracord bracelets come with endless cool points.

In a standard bracelet, you have one foot of cord for every tied inch of bracelet. This means that if your bracelet is eight inches, you will have eight feet of paracord tied up in it. While eight feet of paracord may sound like a lot, you should ask yourself how far you really think it will go when it comes to getting you out of a bind. Also keep in mind that if your bracelet has two colors in it, that 8 feet of paracord is now broken into two pieces, each coming in at four feet long. Is having two pieces better for you overall, or worse? If you have a continuous length of cord, you could always cut it, and if you have two pieces of cord, they can or will be bonded together with a burn. Will that burn be as strong as a continuous piece of cord would be? Probably not.

If you decide that 8 feet of paracord is less than you prefer to have on you, there are ways to increase the amount you\'re carrying without having to deal with troublesome loose cord tangling up in your pack. You can simply make a bigger bracelet. Bigger does not necessarily mean making something twice as long but does mean thicker in this case. You can create for yourself a King Cobra bracelet, which will immediately triple the amount of cord you are carrying.

If you want to make a King Cobra bracelet to fit an eight inch wrist, the first thing to remember is that due to the thickness of this bracelet, you will need to make it a little bit longer than usual so it will be able to wrap around your wrist circumference. Try adding an inch or so based on what you feel will be comfortable. Also factor in the type of closure method you will be using; for example, shackles require more space for putting bracelets on and taking them off, as do monkey fists.

Once you have your closure plans in place, start tying your bracelet. Since this is a King Cobra, you will use a cobra stitch to tie it. Simply start off as you normally would, but with triple the amount of cord. Remember, a King Cobra has three layers of cord so you will need to have enough. Using a little extra never hurts as it is better to have too much than not enough. Begin by tying your first layer of paracord. When you arrive at the end, simply flip your bracelet around and tie a second layer back to where you started (some people choose to stop here, but this is not a true King Cobra). Then, once more flip your bracelet and tie back to the other end. Cut excess and seal with a burn and you\'re done.

The King Cobra bracelet is a little but bulky, but is truly efficient when it comes to carrying a lot of cord in a small package. If it is too large to wear on your wrist, consider making one for your ankle instead. Either way, this is one way to save yourself with a paracord snake.
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