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There are a plethora of items you should consider carrying with you when out and about away from civilization. When you are running errands around town it is less of a pressing matter to have survival supplies on hand because there is a drugstore or other form of big box store practically on every corner. When it is just you and the wilderness, however, having access to certain items only happens if you think ahead and plan to have those items on or with you.

Three important things to have on a hike or in any environment where you are alone with the elements:

1. A knife is useful for a lot of reasons, especially a multi-tool knife that can perform other functions. You never know what type of trouble you might find yourself in that a knife can get you out of without complicating things further. Sure, you can cut paracord with other paracord, but that takes time and effort, so why not use a knife? Perhaps you wound up stranded in the woods for a night and managed to catch a fish for dinner but cannot gut or fillet it. In such a situation, it really helps to have a knife.

2. Tape is also useful for a lot of purposes. You can reinforce a splint with tape or perform basic, general repairs. Suppose the sole of your shoe has come apart, exposing your foot to harsh terrain. You can tape the sole of that shoe back together. It will not hold forever, but will get you through temporarily, and sometimes temporary is all it takes.

3. Paracord, of course, is not just something you should carry but something you truly must carry. It has many uses, from being able to protect injuries and aid in splinting them to working as a fishing lure or ridgeline for a makeshift tent. If your shoelace breaks, replace it with paracord. If the button comes off your cargo pants as you\'re trekking about, hold your pants up with a temporary paracord belt.

So, since these three things are all of significance, why not incorporate them all into one device? In a few minutes time, you can combine a length of paracord with a knife and some tape to now have only one thing to carry instead of three. Simply take your paracord and loop it through the keychain ring or any other accessible opening on your knife. Measure out a length of paracord and tie a knot in the end. In the section between your knife and that knot, wrap some tape. There are several ways you can wrap that tape and several types of tape to use depending on your preference. In this case, I took wax paper and wrapped it around the paracord and then wrapped electrical tape directly onto the wax paper. Since the surface of the wax paper is slick, the tape will come off easily when needed and I will not have wasted any. It is also loose enough on the paracord that it moves up and down the length so I can relocate it as needed to make carrying more convenient.

It is possible to use other means of attaching the tape depending on what you have on hand and wish to use. You can even wrap the tape directly onto the paracord itself, but be warned that the tape touching the paracord could lose some of its adhesive qualities, making it of less use to you when the time comes. It can also leave a sticky residue on your paracord. Whichever tape and application method you choose to use will make for a great tape lanyard and is yet another way to make your stuff work for you.
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