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Color Name?

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This color came in with a name I didn't like, for now I have decided to call it OD Camo, as in Olive Drab Camo. It is a mixture of olive drab, black, and white. It looks a lot like Harmony and Honky Tonk.

Have you seen this color before, did it have a different /better name?

Do you like the name OD Camo?

Do you like the color?

Thanks to anyone who take the time to respond!!


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Zebra stripes.
Can you see the picture or was that just a really good guess? :) I ask because I can't see the photo, lol

I like the name Zebra Stripes!
What name did it come with that you didn't like?
Yeah it looks like zebra strips.
Well it seems like I am going to have to rename the color!

It came with the name Army Camo, the problem is I already called this color army camo (attached.)


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Call it "Jungle Digital"

It looks like the old marine jungle camo, but in digital. Your welcome.
Sorry to be confusing vin. I was posting the picture of "army camo" in response to J-Will's question of what name the color came with, to show why I had to change the name of the color.
I think jungle digital would work for the first pic you posted.

What did you decide on the name for this?
I have been going with Zebra Stripes now, I should note that I am rather partial to zebra print anyways : )

I will definitely be letting these guys name any other color that needs a name! We could rename some other ones for fun too, why not?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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