Christmas/Santa Type Charms - Dodads Source ??

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    It's been a week, or two or so, since I've been on here. I hope all is well with everyone! ?? Typical hot, humid summer here, but all this is "not" what I'm rearing my head for today.

    I'm in the process of making myself a "Santa" walking staff to use in my Santa Claus portrayal. I'm going to lace onto it, a tooled leather handpiece and use either red or green paracord. I'm ordering both colors and will use whichever color "clicks" when I see it. I'd like to finish off the ends of the laces with a nice Christmas/Santa appropriate charm/bead/etc. I just looked on Paracord Galaxy, but they didn't have anything like that. So, I'm asking you folks if you've seen something that may fit the bill. If you have, I'd appreciate hearing where, etc.


    Barney Barnhardt
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    Did you try any of the local craft supply stores? Since some of the stores were celebrating Christmas in July you should have found a nice assortment of items.