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By now it is no secret that I am a bit obsessed with making your stuff work for you. I cannot help it-I feel like everything in this world needs to pull its weight and toe the line, even the stuff I am carrying with me. It not only has to be useful, but it has to serve multiple uses whenever possible. I am not a fan of being weighed down with a bunch of things I do not need or that cannot serve me, so everything has to have a job, or even a second or third job.

Another obsession of mine is safety. You see, I fall down a lot. Being that I am the most naturally clumsy person I know, it is necessary for me to think about how to get myself out of any situation after an injury. If anyone is going to wind up injured in a strange place, it is me. I know this about myself and do my best to prepare for it. I do not talk lightly about using paracord to splint a sprained or strained ankle. I\'ve been there and done that, let me tell you.

When outfitting my camelback recently, such injuries came to mind. Know that the probability of a fall in the woods is great, I wanted to make every effort to be prepared. Around here, the woods are not flat and tame; they are hilly and treacherous. If you fall, you can wind up in a deep ravine where you will then be easily overlooked. Since I did not want to become invisible should I fall, I opted to add paracord to my camelback-bright, orange paracord.

I tied a section about a foot long with the loudest, most highly visible orange cord I could find. I wanted the cord to be there to be seen but also to serve me if need be. This meant being there in the event of an injury, of course, but it also meant something else...that paracord could carry a whistle, one that could be blown if I were to fall out of sight somewhere. The whistle in this case in an emergency whistle I had from the days of working on boats during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. It was a flat, small whistle that was not cumbersome to carry, and it was also bright orange, which added to the visual appeal. With one more bright colored thing on me, one that in addition to being eye catching was also ear catching, my camelback was complete.

If you do not carry a whistle or another noise-making item, consider adding one. It can easily be tied onto your pack or even belt with a strand of paracord and might be there for you when you need it. If you wind up injured and unable to move, you will eventually struggle to yell for help, but you will still be able to whistle for assistance!
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