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Carabiners are an important part of any survivalist or woodsman\'s supplies. The can snap onto just about anything and serve multiple purposes according to their weight bearing capacity. They are also pretty easy to keep almost anywhere; put a carabiner on your key chain or snap it to your pack or belt looop and you will not even notice it is there. Carabiners are very useful, and even more useful when paired with paracord.

Back in the vein of making your stuff work for you, using a carabiner to carry paracord is a good way to carry a lot of cord in a small space. Depending on the size of your carabiner, you can easily wrap a sizeable amount of paracord right onto the carabiner itself. Since the idea here is to store paracord, tying it onto a carabiner is not as practical as wrapping it because tying will take up more space, enabling you to fit less cord. If you simply wrap it in layers, you will be able to fit much more cord into a much smaller space. Wrapping paracord directly onto the carabiner is effective but does have a disadvantage, however. It is a tad time consuming to get it on there as well as to get it back off. The repetitive motion of wrapping/unraveling it can grow tiresome because there is no fast or easy way to do it; you must pull the entire length of cord through the carabiner with each wrap you place.

One way to make your carabiner more paracord friendly is to add a spool. To do this, find a spent spool in a size that corresponds with the carabiner you are using. Cut the spool open from end to end on one side, being careful not to cut too deep and cut it all the way in half. Pry it gently open with your fingers and slide it over the carabiner. Once your spool is in place, proceed to wrap your paracord directly onto the spool itself. You can do this by spinning the spool to eliminate the passing of cord in and out of the carabiner itself. Plus, when it comes time to unravel the cord in a survival situation, all you have to do is pull and the spool will spin, releasing the paracord.

This is a very easy way to not only get paracord to release quickly when you need it, but also to prevent it from being in a knotted up heap at the bottom of your pack. Since you should have both a carabiner (or several carabiners) and paracord on you, then why not combine the two? Take two items that work great separately and put them together in just one more way to make your stuff work for you!
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